About Us


Asia Events Exsic is a Sydney based event management company established in 2014.

The company’s core objective is to promote the sport of diving, while actively developing projects in the trade & tourism industries to help grow the industry further. In collaboration with organisations and businesses both nationally and internationally, our aim is to forge strong partnerships that align with our scope and business objectives.

The Asia Events Exsic team brings together vast experience in organizing events and exhibitions. Their vision for the Australian underwater sports market coupled with their passion for scuba diving is the driving force in the expansion of the business.


Director of AsiaEvents Exsic Pty Ltd, Dr Mark O’Brien brings many years of knowledge, experience and leadership in professional conferences, exhibition planning and organisation as well as staff management.

While he oversees the strategic management of the company, he is also an adjunct Associate Professor at the Queensland University of Technology.


With 20+ years’ in IT and marketing management, Thayalan Kennedy is the other director of AsiaEvents Exsic. He is responsible for the implementation of the company’s strategic marketing plans, partnership and sponsorship deals.

When not in the office, he can often be found travelling the world to promote the sport of scuba diving.


One of three directors, Ness has been specialising in events management and exhibition since 1997. She has been involved in the dive industry for more than 12 years and has been actively organizing and promoting the diving industry globally.

With a background in Business Management, she brings 20+ years’ experience in events management and 15 years’ experience in organising exhibitions.

She is also an active member within international organisations responsible for the implementation of ISO standards for diving services. Her experience saw her awarded as an Advisor for the National Recreational Scuba Diving Council under the Ministry of Tourism & Culture in Malaysia.


AsiaEvents Exsic Pty Ltd
Suite 201, Level 2
272 Pacific Highway
Crows Nest NSW 2065

Expo Hours

• Thursday 2 August Halls 10am – 7pm • Marina 10am - 7pm
• Friday       3 August Halls 10am – 7pm • Marina 10am - 7pm
• Saturday  4 August Halls 10am – 7pm • Marina 10am - 7pm
• Sunday     5 August Halls 10am – 7pm • Marina 10am - 7pm
• Monday    6 August Halls 10am – 7pm • Marina 10am - 7pm