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AIDE 2019

1 – 5 August 2019

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AIDE 2019

Wreck Diving

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AIDE 2019

Cave Diving

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AIDE 2019

Free Diving

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AIDE 2019

Ice Diving

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International Convention Centre Sydney

Running since 2014, the Australia International Dive Expo has today become a one stop centre platform for divers and non-divers alike to discover and learn about scuba diving and all things related to the fascinating world of diving.

The key objective of the Expo is to engage with existing divers and newbies in order to keep them inspired and curious about life underwater, while updating them with cutting-edge technologies and important conservation practices as well as other marine interests.

This platform not only useful for educational purposes, but for industry players for networking opportunities and suppliers to connect directly with their clients.

NEW IN 2019
After yet another highly successful 2018 expo, where we welcomed 59,753 visitors, we are once again collaborating with the Sydney International Boat Show to bring you an even more impressive 2019 event!

Taking place once again at the International Convention Centre, Sydney with the same floor location and space, we invite you to explore with us the business of diving. This is a great opportunity for you to bring about more brand awareness and engagement into your short and long-term sales funnel. As you are aware, visitors to the show are high net worth water lovers. As such, we hope to match their interests with your product and service offering, or even create that interest where it may not yet exist.

We will be lining up even more speakers, workshops, forums, dive club activities, marine educational programs for NSW schools, product demonstrations and dive try-outs to further inspire newbies to take-up diving. And as always, there will also be a bunch of exclusive travel deals from various dive tour operators.

Check out ‘What’s On AIDE 2019’ to plan your visit to the expo.

We look forward to seeing you from 1 – 5 August at the ICC Sydney Darling Harbour!




Sydney International Boat Show
The Sydney International Boat Show and The Australia International Dive Expo continue to join force in 2018 to bring together people who love being ON the water as well as IN the water as a central hub for water-sports products and services.

2018 Speakers

2018 Show Results

  • Visitors with annual household incomes greater than $150,000 65%
  • Professional Visitors 53.9%
  • Increased interest in diving 23.7%

High-net-worth paying visitors recorded

sqm of space occupied including marina, dedicated dive section and event deck

11 hours ago

Australia International Dive Expo

Aaaawww!!! Here's some sealy love (and curiosity) to brighten up your mid-week 😍

#underwater #scubadive #seals #MarineLife

Bored Panda Animals
Seals are the doggos of the sea
Video by Ben Burville
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This underwater museum in #Mexico no doubt artistic, but a little creepy as well at the same time. What do you think? Would you visit it?

#scubadive #underwater #MarineLife #art

The Cancun Underwater Museum in Mexico has demonstrated a perfect interaction between art and environmental science with over 500 life-sized sculptures laid out on the seabed in harmony with sea animals. The museum aims to form part of a complex reef habitat for marine life whilst increasing biomass on a grand scale.
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How do octopuses and cuttlefish camouflage? Here's how...

#underwater #MarineLife #knowledge

Deep Look • PBS
Octopuses and cuttlefish are masters of underwater camouflage, blending in seamlessly against a rock or coral. But squid have to hide in the open ocean, mimicking the subtle interplay of light, water, and waves. How do they do it? (And it is NOT OCTOPI)
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One of the most amazing and talented sea creatures is the 🐙. Would you agree?

#underwater #MarineLife #scubadive #octopus

This color-changing octopus is so mesmerizing 😱🌈

Credit: ViralHog
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2 weeks ago

Australia International Dive Expo

When life spins you around! 😄

#underwater #MarineLife

National Geographic
What happens when a water bubble ring bumps into a jellyfish?
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Expo Hours

• Thursday 1 August Halls 10am – 7pm • Marina 10am - 7pm
• Friday      2 August Halls 10am – 7pm • Marina 10am - 7pm
• Saturday  3 August Halls 10am – 7pm • Marina 10am - 7pm
• Sunday     4 August Halls 10am – 7pm • Marina 10am - 7pm
• Monday    5 August Halls 10am – 7pm • Marina 10am - 7pm