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About Us


AsiaEvents Exsic is an established organisation led by key personnel with a combined 45 years’ experience in planning, technical support and managing leisure and hospitality projects. Our experienced team organises exhibitions, seminars and conferences locally and internationally in the diving industry.

The company’s core objective is to promote the sport of diving, while actively developing projects in the trade and tourism industries to help grow the industry further. The company is in collaboration with the Sydney International Boat Show to promote water activities. The ongoing partnership began  in 2017 and the event takes place at the Sydney’s International Convention Centre in Darling Harbour. Our work involves a number of international stakeholders, new and returning exhibitors and media partners across the Asia Pacific region to promote the expo in Sydney.

Our aim is to not only promote scuba diving and other water-related sports, but at the same time provide a leading networking platform for local and international stakeholders to meet, discuss and transact. As organisers, we also make the logistical and travel arrangements for our international exhibitors and business operators participating in the show.

This is a collective effort with the Boating Industry Association to promote the world of diving.


Expo Hours

• Thursday   30 July Halls 10am – 7pm • Marina 10am - 7pm
• Friday        31 July Halls 10am – 7pm • Marina 10am - 7pm
• Saturday  1 August Halls 10am – 7pm • Marina 10am - 7pm
• Sunday     2 August Halls 10am – 7pm • Marina 10am - 7pm
• Monday    3 August Halls 10am – 7pm • Marina 10am - 7pm