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Marine Educational Program for NSW Schools

A joint effort by both SIBS and AIDE, the Marine Educational Program for NSW schools aims to get the next generation interested in learning more about the underwater world and the activities associated with it including scuba diving, underwater photography, and marine conservation.

Entering into the third year of engaging with school children, AIDE hopes to continue inspiring children to take up scuba diving and get involved in marine conservation. With experts presenting and showing students what the underwater world is about and the range of opportunities that await, the marine program covers the key topics of scuba diving, photography, videography skills and conservation efforts.

For the past two years, more than 750 students have engaged with the program, learning about the basics of scuba diving, the equipment involved, free diving, the basics of underwater photography and videography, as well as the ongoing efforts to keep the oceans clean and marine animals safe.

2020 will see the program introduce even more students to the sport and get them excited about the opportunities that await in this largely mysterious part of the world.

Damian Jones

PADI Regional Manager

Damian is a PADI Course Director with over 15 years of experience as a PADI Instructor and PADI Instructor Examiner.

He has extensive diving knowledge and has previously taught scuba diving including in high schools and TAFE colleges around Victoria, Australia.

Damian has also managed the operational aspects of a dive store for 10 years and has a well-rounded perspective on the Australian Diving Industry today.

In addition to this, Damian has dived extensively in the region including many of the popular diving locations across Australia.

Sarah Jo-Lobwein

Sarah-Jo Lobwein (Ocean Tidings, Isotta Australia, Ocean Geographic) – Marine Science, Science and Conservation Educator

Armed with degrees and backgrounds in marine science and secondary science education, Sarah-Jo Lobwein is a passionate marine science and conservation educator involved in multiple projects at any one time, encouraging ocean conservation, reducing plastic marine pollution and the awareness of alternatives or ‘simple swaps’ to single use disposable plastic consumption in our everyday lives to stop the seas drowning in plastic.

Sarah-Jo is a regular volunteer for the non-profit Two Hands Project as Marine Debris Survey Auditor and employed for their community hands-on education programs. She has assisted the children programs and activities at Australian Museum during National Science Weeks, volunteers for ORRCA and in 2017 Sarah-Jo was one of six Global Volunteer Ambassadors for the non-profit Positive Change for Marine Life, who personally crowd-funded their research trip to Kovalam, India to establish a Marine Conservation Plan that has environmental, social and economical sustainable goals for that region.

Jeroen van de Waal

Ocean Conservationist

Jeroen van de Waal is a multilingual, Dutch entrepreneur and conservationist. Through his company, OrcaNation, he teaches children and young adults to scuba dive, introducing them to the beauty and wonder of the underwater world. Jeroen is on a mission to foster a generation of ocean ambassadors, who have the passion, drive, and determination to reverse humankind’s destruction of the sea.

Together We Can Turn Tides – A Manifesto To Save The Oceans, Planet and Ourselves is the first of Jeroen’s publications. The book has received acclaim across Asia and is now making its way across Europe and the USA. Several thousand copies are now in circulation – many of them requested by schools and youth organisations, which are embracing Jeroen’s concept of conservation and education through outdoor adventure.

George Evatt

Underwater Photographer

George Evatt is a multi award winning underwater cinematographer. He has dived from Alaska to Antarctica and specialises in high speed underwater photography using the Phantom series of high speed cameras. George’s awards include the Gold Tripod for Best Nature and Wildlife Film, (Australian Cinematographers Society) and the Palme D’Argent, World Festival of Underwater Films, France and the prestigious Whitley Medal (Royal Zoological Society of NSW) for best publication on the natural history of Australian animals.

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