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Underwater Tour

For the first time AIDE 2020 is delighted to exhibit The Underwater Tour Awards Showcase – the top 25 images from the Underwater Tour Awards 2020 – guaranteed to take you on a remarkable visual tour of the underwater world. This new collaboration between AIDE Organizer and Underwater Tour, will truly celebrate the wonder of the ocean and will inspire adventure, exploration and discovery.

Vote for your favourite image in the Public Choice Awards during the AIDE expo from 30th July to 2nd August, 2020 – you may just win a fabulous prize yourself! The award function will be on Sunday afternoon.

You can also bid for the images you’d like to take home at the silent auction from 30th July to 3rd August 2020.

The Showcase is organised by the team behind the Underwater Tour, Australia’s only nationwide touring speaker’s series featuring world renowned international underwater photographers showing their images and telling their stories live on stage.

Meet with the Underwater Tour organisers at their stand to find out the featured speakers and event dates for the Underwater Tour 2021!


Expo Hours

• Thursday   30 July Halls 10am – 7pm • Marina 10am - 7pm
• Friday        31 July Halls 10am – 7pm • Marina 10am - 7pm
• Saturday  1 August Halls 10am – 7pm • Marina 10am - 7pm
• Sunday     2 August Halls 10am – 7pm • Marina 10am - 7pm
• Monday    3 August Halls 10am – 7pm • Marina 10am - 7pm

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