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VISA Information

Please be informed that AsiaEvents Exsic Pty Ltd has registered with International Event Coordinator Network (IECN) of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) to assist in managing, or overseeing, visa arrangements for those wishing to attend Australia International Dive Expo (AIDE) in Sydney, Australia.

All visitors should apply for a visa at least two months prior to their intended date of departure, and four months prior for people with character or health concerns.

Please note, the Australian Government has introduced The Biometrics in Visa Processing outside Australia Program (the program) that introduces the collection of biometrics into the overseas visa application process. More details on the program including the countries and Visa Subclasses affected can be found at:

Service Delivery Partners (SDPs) that operate Australian Visa Application Centres (AVACs) and Australian Biometric Collection Centres (ABCCs) are also located in various countries. These centre’s provide visa application lodgement or biometric collection services on behalf of the department. A map locator with details for each SDP is available at:

Please refer to General Information for Visa Applicants for guidance on the visa options that may be most suitable for you.

You should also refer to the Visa options for business conference, seminar, trade fair and expo.

NB: These are the visa options available presently but the Department reserves the right to change regulations.

IECN assistance will NOT guarantee a visa grant. Visa applicants must demonstrate that they meet all the legislative requirements for an Australian visa.

If you need any further help or you have any question kindly contact us at


Expo Hours

• Thursday   30 July Halls 10am – 7pm • Marina 10am - 7pm
• Friday        31 July Halls 10am – 7pm • Marina 10am - 7pm
• Saturday  1 August Halls 10am – 7pm • Marina 10am - 7pm
• Sunday     2 August Halls 10am – 7pm • Marina 10am - 7pm
• Monday    3 August Halls 10am – 7pm • Marina 10am - 7pm